Feasibility Study: Important for Funding

Before you can get funding for your project, you will have to conduct a feasibility study – either from your own efforts or from the people you’re actually trying to get the funding from or new business grants. What exactly is a feasibility study? It will study the project from all aspects and ascertain if the project is possible enough. What will the feasibility study show? It will show the people who will release the funding over to you for your use how your project works and if it is a worthy project. If a project isn’t shown to be very feasible, it might not be given the appropriate amount of funding that the project needs. This is why projects, from their conception to the execution, have to be good enough to pass any scrutiny from any independent body conducting the feasibility study. If a project meets the stringent requirements of the feasibility study, funding is not all that big of a problem for the project.


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Successful Applicants
Funded From:
Margaret River Recreation Centre received $50'000
Success: Margaret River Recreation Centre
Amount: $50'000
Funded From: Augusta-Margaret River Shire
Industry: Count Me In Inclusion Grants
Category: disability support
State: WA
Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd received $50'000
Success: Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd
Amount: $50'000
Funded From: Commercialisation Australia
Industry: Product Development
Category: Skills and knowledge
State: VIC
Free Radical Centre received $44980
Success: Free Radical Centre
Amount: $44980
Funded From: iCon and DETA
Industry: Chemistry and Biotechnology
Category: Research
State: Victoria
Alcohol and Drug Foundation ACT received $10'000
Success: Alcohol and Drug Foundation ACT
Amount: $10'000
Funded From: FARE
Industry: Academic
Category: Research
State: ACT

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