Applying For Funding

Why to apply for government funding

business start-ups and expansions will always cost considerable amounts of money, be it on a large scale or small scale and applying for funding can become an obvious first step. Not everyone has access to such finances, and will have to look at alternative capital options. However, before starting the search for government funding opportunities, you need to have a clear idea of what you plan to do after receiving the funds, and how you intend to repay the funds (should you need to). This would be more likely in the case of a government loan.

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Some tips to consider before seeking out other financial options

Am I eligible for funding?First off, a realistic approach in considering how much of a financial injection your business actually needs, has to be undertaken. Remember, should you need to make repayments, that you will be the one making the repayments, so bear in mind to only take what you know you can afford. By having a good business plan, with budgetary forecasts and schedules, it should give you some indication of how much grant money you’ll be looking to acquire. At the same time, get some advice from professionals such as your accountant and your solicitor or broker, before and after your business plans and grant application proposals are ready.

Successful Applicants
Cardwell Playgroup and Tennis Club received $50'000
Success: Cardwell Playgroup and Tennis Club
Amount: $50'000
Funded From: The Premier of Queensland
Industry: Commmunity Reconstruction
Category: Not for profit
State: QLD
Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd received $50'000
Success: Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd
Amount: $50'000
Funded From: Commercialisation Australia
Industry: Product Development
Category: Skills and knowledge
State: VIC
Australian Macadamia Society Ltd received $169'950
Success: Australian Macadamia Society Ltd
Amount: $169'950
Funded From: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Industry: Agriculture
Category: Expansion of Business and Research
State: NSW
Margaret River Recreation Centre received $50'000
Success: Margaret River Recreation Centre
Amount: $50'000
Funded From: Augusta-Margaret River Shire
Industry: Count Me In Inclusion Grants
Category: disability support
State: WA
Amcor Packaging (Australia) Pty Ltd received $45'000
Success: Amcor Packaging (Australia) Pty Ltd
Amount: $45'000
Funded From: Ministry for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
Industry: climate change
Category: clean technology
State: WA

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